The Firm

Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson & Perry, LLP was established in 1976 with a single purpose – to represent Indian tribes.  And that is what we continue to do today – we represent tribes across the country in litigation, lobbying, economic development, health care, self-determination and self-government, transportation, tribal government, and more.

Since our focus is on preserving and expanding the rights and interests of tribes, we have vast experience regarding the wide range of subjects that comprise federal Indian law and tribal law.  For example, we handle major Indian law litigation with nationwide impacts, and complex financial transactions for tribes.  We represent tribes in negotiating intergovernmental agreements, and in enacting and enforcing tribal laws.  And we represent tribes in seeking rulings before administrative agencies and legislation before Congress.  In all of these areas (and more), we have longstanding experience and a track record that shows that we get results.

The depth and breadth of our work for tribes brings value to our tribal clients in additional ways.  For example, we have worked with many tribes, including those with limited resources, and we know the value of efficient solutions for tribes.  With this understanding, we use our experience to accomplish tribal goals in a cost-effective manner. 

In addition, our work reflects certain fundamental values.  One of those values is our dedication to the interests of tribes (and tribal organizations).  Along these lines, the Firm has made a specific choice – we represent tribes, and we will not represent non-Indian interests in Indian law matters.  So, for example, we will not represent an oil and gas company (or a management company, or anyone else) seeking to do business with a tribe.  We take this stand because we want to use our expertise for the benefit of tribes, and not for anyone else.  We have turned down many business opportunities to maintain this approach – but we believe that this is the right thing for us to do.

So that is our Firm – experienced, efficient, dedicated and principled.  There is much more to tell – please feel free to contact us any time.